Laminate flooring is a very popular choice among homeowners in the greater Kansas City / Platte City area. It can take on the appearance of many different kinds of hard surfaces, including hardwood, ceramic tile and stone tile. In addition to the wonderful textures and designs, laminates offer improved durability, easier maintenance and affordability compared to other types of hard surface floors. These floors are extremely resistant to wear, stains and sunlight fading. The beautifully rich textured finishes make these floors a great alternative for most areas in the home.

While laminate flooring was inspired by countertop materials, it’s at least 20 times stronger. With a direct pressure laminate surface it is virtually impossible for spills and scuffs to leave a mark. The clear surface layer protects the pattern underneath and is highly resistant to cigarette burns and scratches from pets. Maintenance is quick and easy using a damp cloth or vacuum and most household cleaning chemicals will not harm a laminate floor.

Laminate types
The surface is hygienic and is excellent for people suffering from allergies.

Laminate can be a defining characteristic of your home. With our wide variety of choices in laminate flooring you can find one that will reflect your homes design and style.


Specially engineered with layered construction, laminate flooring can be installed almost anywhere in the home, including over dry concrete slabs, wooden subfloors and many types of existing floor coverings. The low clearance space height means laminates are particularly suited for renovation and restoring old houses where floor thicknesses can be a problem.

Installation Types

When there are installation limitations, it is sometimes required to make a decision based on the flexibility and constraints of installation

  • Glued laminate (because the glueing occurs during the installation process, the costs are often higher for this category)
  • Clueless click-lock (the majority of laminate flooring is in this category)
  • Pre-glued laminate (the joints may need to be re-moistened at the time of installation)

Surface Types

  • Smooth (the finish is almost as smooth as a layer of varnish, with differences in how glossy the finish is, similar to paint)
  • Textured (textures add depth and some amount of authenticity to the appearance)
  • Distressed (this adds an antiqued look to the surface)
  • Embossed in Registration (this recreates the exact grain of wood, significantly increasing the authentic look and feel)

Manufacturing Techniques

Due to the increasing popularity of laminates, manufacturers are creating an increasing array of traditional, rustic, contemporary, exotic wood grain, and tile designs.  Manufacturing techniques have improved to the point that the texture of the wood grain or a tile look can be imprinted on top of the laminate simulating the product it is representing.

Mohawk Laminate Flooring offers a wide selection of rich colors and designs in several different grades, including laminates with pre–attached underlayments to help deaden sound and keep the floor warmer and “embossed–in–register” designs in which the surface texture exactly matches the image texture for highly realistic look and feel of real hardwood, tile and stones styles.

All of our laminates utilize the locking method for installation making them quick and easy to install.