Professional Floor Installation Service with Flooring Direct of KC

A professional installation of your new floor is what we live. Not only does Flooring Direct of KC offer the best flooring at competitive prices, we provide professional flooring installation services that highlight your floor. By using trained professionals, accredited in their field, you know your flooring will still be looking beautiful in years to come. Not only does an installation by Flooring Direct of KC look fantastic, it is done to the floor manufacturer’s specifications and will be completely warrantied.

Flooring Direct of KC is your local flooring resource and we are here to serve you, we have the expertise and the motivation to install your flooring professionally at an affordable price. Our crew takes special care to work with you and your space for prep, installation and clean up to get you into the space you deserve.


Professional installation is stress free

Replacing flooring is a big job that disrupts everyday life. Our staff will schedule deliveries and the installation at your convenience. Your space will be measured for an estimate an installation plan is drawn up.  On this plan it notes where joints and seams should be placed and all specific around you new room. The plan will include the height of the new flooring, taking into account if a door may need adjusting to work with the height of the new flooring. There are similar considerations to think about in relation to installing carpeting such as the nap for tile relating to the pattern and end-cuts.

Because hardwood expands and contracts in relation to its environment, we deliver it in advance to allow it to acclimate. These normal micro-movements are offset by a small gap around the perimeter of the floor that is hidden by the baseboard.


Your part in a professional installation

There are several things you can do to ensure a smooth installation from our professionals. First make sure the kids and pets are not anywhere near the work area. Second, an area adjacent to the where the installation will take place should be cleared and the work area should have easy access to power and water. Next, the area being working on, should be cleared of all furniture, appliances and accessories. If you need help removing and disposing the old floor, let us know and we can tell you what we would charge for that. Oh, if by chance you have any propane or natural gas lines, they require a licensed professional to disconnect before and then reconnect after the installation.


If you have questions or need assistance with any of the above, let us know and we will help. Flooring Direct professional installation services are available in the Kansas City regional area, Gladstone, Overland Park, Olathe and Independence.

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